Burny Les Paul Custom RLC-60 Randy Rhoads

Out of all my guitars my white Burny RLC-60 is my favourite.Nothing special just an ’89 with Burny L-102 pickups.Incredibly faded to a nice cream it’s the one with stickers below.I still have a gas for a maple topped white RLC with a nice big neck so I saw this little number up for auction (an ’83) and figured I’d give it a go.

Different headstock inlays & tuner buttons

Ye olde fret edge binding and frets in not as bad a shape as one would expect

That last smaller inlay …?

Nice tarnished gold worn hardware and that delightful piss yellow colour though not as bad as some I’ve had

Originally they came with gold speed knobs but due to this one not having any I replaced them with whatever I had on hand.I happen to have quite a few gold bells and I don’t like speed knobs.

 Non original bridge but still MIJ

RR models had a gold poker chip.This one was rusted to hell and since the switch was broken I just replaced him with a standard black ring

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