I love Mosrites.
At one stage as a young lad I had an upside down white strat.Got rid of it cause of too many “Jimi Hendrix” questions.I fucking hate jimi hendrix.
The Japanese made an Mosrite copy of Johnny Ramones Mosrite in the 90s.I bought one from Japan.
This was in the days of Netscape 3.0 I remember going to a phonebox with a calling card phoning a number in.

’54 Strat pt2

Stupid stupid me forgot to redo the contours before staining.
It also turned a very darker orange due to the sun over the last few days so out with the power tools …

Gotta get rid of that sharp edge on the back.Well it’s not really sharp but I like smoothing it out.

Gave it a bit of a wipe down with some spirits to lighten it a bit 

For a change I sprayed straight black dye instead of adding some lacquer to it just to see how it’d play ….

 Couple of light coats of clear on the back