Fender Japan 1990 TL52-900

1990 Fender Japan TL52-900 blonde blackguard telecaster

Matching numbers with papers!
I dunno … always sounds good with cars but this came with (of course) one of those ridiculous leatherette gig bags that the Japanese seem to go fucking nuts over & in the side pocket apart from there being 2 old strings, a term bar for a strat (which I needed) and an aluminium stop tailpiece for a Les Paul (which I can always use) there was of course these receipt 7 warranty card books which was a nice surprise.
Obviously being 20 years old the warranty had expired but still it was pretty cool.
This one was very blonde and not much butterscotch going on.
Pretty light and of course there was some lacquer burn on the bottom edge but overall …. nothing pants splittingly exciting really while at the same time though being high quality Japanese crafted.
*UPDATE* sold