’54 Strat pt2

Stupid stupid me forgot to redo the contours before staining.
It also turned a very darker orange due to the sun over the last few days so out with the power tools …

Gotta get rid of that sharp edge on the back.Well it’s not really sharp but I like smoothing it out.

Gave it a bit of a wipe down with some spirits to lighten it a bit 

For a change I sprayed straight black dye instead of adding some lacquer to it just to see how it’d play ….

 Couple of light coats of clear on the back

’54 strat

Here we are with another ’54 start style build.2 piece ash body (2kgs) with a slightly off-centre join and some nice grain lines.I know I know it’s not vintage correct pickup routing but for $100 it’ll do.

It’s already been sealed so we go ahead and wipe on some of the trusty old Feast Watson Prooftint in ‘golden teak’ 100% straight out of the bottle and it gives us this nice golden orange colour while sweeping into the grain to add some highlights.

I chose not to use the black timber mate grain fill on this build as well something different really.

Eventually I do the back & sides all over,equivalent to fender dipping their bodies in dye back in the ’50s but I don’t have a big drum full of this stuff so a bit of tore up old reg grundys and some rubber gloves will have to do.

Next up I’ll shoot some black around the edges for that “crude burst” 2 tone look then layer on some clear coats.

More on that next time…..