Burny FLG-90 VOBS Les Paul 1977

1977 Burny FLG-90 VOBS

Yep that’s the original finish.

I believe it means something like Vintage Orange Burnt Sunburst …. or something along those lines.

Unfortunately I sold this to some idiot in America who after buying it via the mylespaul.com¬†forum then proceeded to talk utter bullshit all over that shitkicker tokai forum about this that & the other.Only an idiot can’t tell the difference between having multiple tuners & the imprints left by grovers.You reading this dickhead?Go fuck yourself you lying fucking cunt

Morales Mosrite copy 1960s Japan

These were some damn fine Mosrite copies made in Japan by the Zen On company sometime in the late 60s by reportedly what evolved into the Firstman company.
Let’s run it down here:
1) german carve / ufo body shape
Sometimes you get one or the other but rarely both & rarely both so historically correct.An absolute dream to play
2) zero fret & aluminium string guide
more often than not you’ll see a fender or Gibson style nut
3)slaneted neck pickup
one of the distinct Mosrite features I thought
4) semi vintage correct Mosrite style pickups.
Wide P90 style wire coil around a plastic bobbin with alnico mags and screw polepieces.Quite different to the “reissues” which are more like a strat pickup under a p90 cover.
5)Distinctive tremelo setup
Close enough it should be illegal (haha yes I know)
6.Offset shape headstock